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This review may contain spoilers.

cinephiles: the last 20 minutes of Annihilation are an intense visual feast with a true grasp of Alien and the Unknown in cinema

me: the last 20 minutes of Annihilation are essentially the booklets for all my Tool cds coming to life after i pour Miracle-Gro on them

Everyones right, this is a nice looking film. All rainbow fauna and bone-moss tracts of landscape. Mutoid greens and sometimes peach-white spores that just scream "danger".

but im either a dumb boy, or plain stupid but Annihilation's themes and message felt incredibly numbed. Theres things about grief and loss, moving on through no closure. Then theres all the ideas about the fragility of organics. Metals and plastics arent alive and therefore are not susceptible to an insidious manipulation of mutations in their make-up. plants and humans are. This is cancer and illnesses. This is ageing. Its what makes you you and what makes me me.

It sounds great but The Shimmers identity, its plans are never made clear, nor are they left enjoyably unclear? its just...a bit off? The Questions the audience is left with arent philosophical or scientifically fey, but more frustrating fragments. Like trying to catch another poker players cards in the reflexxion of their shades. Is that a 7? a spade?

Lots of right good moments are here and the cast were gr88888, i wish they had even more to do and this film went even weirder for longer!! but thats just me my friends!

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