Box of Moonlight ★★★★½

still love this so much.

addressing yourself and revisiting spaces you did as a child. water bodies, long grass, toy guns, woodlands, petty theft, sleeping outside, but most importantly, and as corny as it sounds, existing completely in your own world without personal consequence. you are yourself and that the most defined you'll ever be.

a perfect summertime in blossom film. the sun toasting the tops of trees longer each day and tshirts freed from the bureaucracy of jumpers and drawers.
waking up with that noise of golden daytimes and rustles of covers and blinds peeling off your eyelids.
The film kind of embodies sensory nostalgia in youthfulness. Your first true awareness of seasons and friendship, and its not even about child actors, but adults. magic to me.

by all means dont watch it because i dont think anyone will get as much out of it as i do haha but thats fine, ill still be here if you do.