Cooley High

Cooley High ★★★★½

reminded at once of a sort of filmic portmanteau of The Exiles and The Wanderers. Never makes an all-black cast and all-black story feel disenfranchised or cartoonishly violent or strangely boxed, but just tells itself as an honest coming-of-age tale, set in (what felt to me) like maybe the most beautifully realised 60s chicago ive ever seen inside fiction.
its not glossy or smooth, but as broken and sooty as it seems it was. chipped pillars and corner stores. warped turquoise blue house-doors and the bone-rattles of dice along floorboards.

more honest and real and relatable to my growing up than a huge chunk of any coming of age dramas ive ever seen (especially the scene where Preacher is being told by the teacher in the school toilets that his potential is being wasted by petty crimes and fringing with the police). But this is just all about people. goofs, criminals, friends, girlfriends, parents, school, daytime drinking, bunking off, running through the streets, hanging out. just..being.

//Growing up is everything, anything else is just memories.

the end felt ~too much~ for the plots tone, but i still loved this