Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★½

Really cleverly conceived idea of how each self is a universe and to understand and empathize with any life not your own, you have to understand that persons universe to themselves. Its a really emotional sci-fi idea that sparkles with learned compassion and interconnectivity of all.

no mistake though, this is basically The Matrix by way of TikToks and Superbowl Commercials for Mobile Phone Data Providers and Takeaway apps. The new age of "totally epic and random" stuff that feels so cynically born to beg for screenshots and memes. I genuinely cant get my head around how such a brilliant idea is so disdainfully gussied up in such ugly attire. Its so boringly synthetic that any comparison to Wachowskis ends right away. Their plasticky squeak falls into anti-classicism like what Lucas done with the Star Wars prequels. EEAAO feels like there should be smallprint for typical APR% on the bottom at all times. Its also exhaustingly made and, for its runtime, feels like im ingesting 9 screens of things happening without any buffer or pace consideration to make me feel less knackered.

liked lots of it though! some jokes work and the intensity of some of the segments/editing can be bracing, and ofc Michelle Yeoh is just one of the best of all time, but i reckon this is going to age fucking abysmally.

not for this cranky auld cunt im afraid!

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