Midsommar ★★½

felt nothing. again/

if your gonna try make something nefarious and othering out of automatonic bullshit nature-cults, at least let the audience in on the fucking gag. mad that, watching this, all i kept thinking was that Apostle (2018) done every beat much better and was a netflix original lol tumblr is A24's life-tree

remember the first 20 minutes?

art department is doing alot of heavy lifting here because it really is amazing looking but plays out exactly how you think it will. it even just gives up on the main character at the end to become a pure aural aesthetic mood piece. vapid cinema at its baldest.
also, why on earth was this 2hr20? to make me FEEL like im at glastonbury too?
also, corners itself by making the characters clever so the only way it can coax them into the plot is to drug them which feels cheap and constant, wooops! wish i had some of that sunflower-moss-ade tbh

florence pugh is cool and i liked it a bit better than Hereditary so thats progress i guess

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