Rumble Fish ★★★★★

The most beautiful, stark, poetic, esoteric mediation on youth and becoming your own man ever put to film.

Theres so much depth here to talk about. Like the strong use of shadows and smoke, reflecting The Motorcycle Kid trying to get out of his fighting past's own, and Rusty James trying to fit in it. Or the fact that as a viewer we have our own duality. While we're following along with the youthful, wreckless Rusty's story, the full film is in Black and White, which is what we're told that The Motorcycle Kid can only see. So are we trying also to catch up to TMK? or are we him, trying to leave our old life as the Prince of Gangs?

So many of Coppolla's choices during the filmmaking process make this film so unique and perfect. Like the first fight we're shown. Choosing not to go with a standard fight choreographer, he employed a ballet choreographer, so the scene becomes dramatic and almost musical. It also ends with one of my favourite practical effects involving a gang member and a motorbike.
The film not only uses jazz/percussion music as a score but flows like a jazz song. Meandering and rolling, almost directionless much like Rustys character arc.

I'll stop now haha

I think ive watched this film like 30+ times since i was about 16 and i still cant possibly get enough of it.

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