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This review may contain spoilers.

"its time to let old things die.."

Rey standing over Luke,
as Luke stood over Kylo,
as Finn stands over Phasma,
as Rey stands over Kylo.

as the wonderful Jim pointed out to me, this all about breaking oppression,
::Kylo killing Snoke, Rose freeing the Falthiers, Luke and Yoda "burning" the Jedi texts, Finn killing Phasma::
and freeing yourself of the burden of fandom.

"Star Wars Fans" (yuck) are slating this because it gives them NOTHING that they expect and want and are used to. And not only that, it says to the fans that all that you know and love needs to be re-assessed, killed, mourned, and reborn. Nostalgia will make this franchise suffer. Rian Johnson loves Star Wars so much he knows it needs to let go of its past, using nostalgia for plot rather than nostalgia for nostalgia. Literally anti-Abram'ed it which is honestly hilarious and revitalizing to me.

any niggles i had from my first viewing are fucking gone. I adored this so so so much. Probably my favourite SW outside the original trilogy.

**bonus points**

- can someone look out for me if theyre viewing this before me, but when Rose and Finn first meet DJ in the jail cell, im SURE he says an old hutteese word to them when he leaves!!!

-Rey finally getting to use the cannons on the Millenium Falcon ("i like this!") is great because her flying it originally was an escape, now shes headfirst into battle, ready to protect

-OKAY i never noticed it first time round but Rey snuck the Jedi texts aboard the Millenium Falcon before she left (which we see at the end) so it makes sense why Yoda is PISSING himself when him and Luke burn the old tree.

- speaking of the Jedi Tree, the debris of Kylo Rens mask after hes punched fuck out it almost looks like the tree??

-that end shot is getting stick but that hyperspace trail across the night sky is like a match-strike. the literal spark that lights the new resistance in the eyes and hearts of all looking on

-i love u Hux, i luv u Holdo

-that supersonic hyperspace punch through Snokes Warship is fucking incredible and that first Formula One roar we get after it gives me CHILLS

-when Snoke gets halfed and the lightsaber flies across the room and Rey catches it nearly made me shout "FUCKING YES". Also that whole fight where Rey/Kylo fight the bodyguards while the red curtain (read: snokes safe and luxurious ruminations) burns is absolutely top tier stuff.

- one of my main niggles was "why didnt Holdo just tell Poe the plan? was it to build tension?" No. it was because she knew his hypermasculinity would get in the way and try to interfere in the plan. Shes new to the role and only knows him properly through a short interaction theyve had. Its not his duty to know. she comes to trust and like him as Leia has ("hes reckless, i like him"), and while he does stage a mutiny, she wasnt to know it would go this way

-Luke fading away to become a force ghost, dying infront of a Twin Sun evening, a memory of his home long-left, gave me a lump in my throat. Such a time this character has lived and things he's seen. Even the most lengthy and massive journeys are small compared to the lessons we learn

- porgs are good be quiet

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