Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★★

i understand why star wars fans reviled this (and for a few, genuinely completely ruined the franchise for them) and its funny because its all the most interesting parts.

the fact that Luke is a failure. the force let him down, not allured by the darkside, but he toed the line and did what he shouldve, yet this still all happened because he failed even as a master. the force isnt perfect and neither are the people that have inherited it. and people didnt want to hear that.

adds the idea of indiscriminate capitalist warmongering to announce the idea that the "goodies" and the "baddies" are all contributing to some sort of out-of-sight misery and crime, far away from the eye of the viewer. its deeply insidious and people fucking hated it because they dont want their cosy heroes to be shown as admitting a necessary evil.

the liberation of the Fathiers being discarded as "cheesy" and "dumb" rather than the rejection of confinement and that compassion and freedom is for all creatures, not just those clever enough to wield a weapon. to unite as one and all. also, to show to the next generation of the oppressed that there IS a rebellion willing to fight and to hope and believe in your future rather than fear it. peopled hated it. (it also looks like something from attack of the clones, thus reminding people of the prequels which, most hated).

the fact that Luke and Leia dont get to meet, despite being so close (and despite Luke being a ghost lol). another daft criticism so fucking drab and weird that i wont even go into.

theres a few more but i dont want this to be like an In Defense of... type review. Theres loads to love here and easily some of the most human and WEIRD things in the Star Wars universe that might be some of my favourite in it (alot of which is given to Leia who addresses the toll of war and its losses AND also flys through space like a fucking celestial angel). theres also loads of flaws and sticky parts and plot issues but i dont fucking care. its class, and i am truly saddened by the nature of which the film and Rian were treated and how it will OBVIOUSLY affect the forthcoming film. Theres comfort and nostalgia in this series sure, but repeating it rather than challenging it means that you spend your life begging for the smell of a blanket you shouldve thrown out years ago.

dont listen to Star Wars fans. they still cannae decide who shot first.

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