Stray Cat Rock: Delinquent Girl Boss

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

1970 in the mid-60's/
feels like a tonic to the wests rubber hippy daisy shite. where annette and franky were doing the mashed potato on a beach, these japanese teens were slashing holes in each other and listening to some basement-fuzz garage rock made on 7" wax flimsier than black bags, by bands called shit like "The Screaming Gnats" and "Dave Dockey and the Snakes".
feels extremely nervy and jittery. always on the streets wanting to cross the road but there are too many cars flying past. Set at times of the day where everyones at work, everyones asleep, or everyones alarms are about to go off.
nightshops windows dead except for mannequin sentinels, night club signs puncturing the sap of an empty street, underground passages, purple morning sunrises where the birds sing a song of shame even though all you did was miss bed and kill your rival.

its not particularly pacey or even WILDLY exciting, but it does have a real sense of....expression. real stakes for the characters, and when youre a teen, even the smallest thing is a worldy. heightened feuds and heightened friendships.
This also features an incredible footchase with a dune buggy and motorbike. i could say "car chase" but its absolutely not. you'll see.

spoiler screening all the Stray Cat Rocks because owen kindly loaned me his boxset before hes even watched it. whatta sweetie!!