Stray Cat Rock: Machine Animal

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

"shit! we need Hondas!"

disappointing because this doesnt feature the SCR staple of a dune buggy/jeep, but its instantly bettered by the girls walking into a motorbike shop and coming out in single file on mini-Honda motorbikes dressed in pure pop art mod outfits, to then drive through mini-malls and across dockyards.

probably the most overt entry in its stylized rejection of societal constructs with Meiko and the girls helping Vietnam deserters try to flee the country. its kind of a split hair tied back into a knot, with them giving their full backing to the deserters, but also having to rely on a flimsy underworld relationship of their own doing to make it work out.
i kind of love how they dont see a rival male gang and go "oh no! ~~men~~~!!!!" but just walk right over and say "you have our stuff, fucking give it back".
love how pulpy it goes with the purple velvet wheechair of the queen bee who's brother might be in love with her. a cartoon acid crime battle between teens trying to break through traditional routes.
probably the most visually playful and pop-artfully composed one of series thus far too.

this is the one for me where Meiko Kaji is complete. this is her ready to become Matsu and Lady Snowblood. mesmerizing in her control of eyeline and presence. a true onscreen icon.