Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter

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This review may contain spoilers.

back from the beach, back 2 cut the streets

SRC came back form its summer seaside holiday a changed person. darker, angrier. violent and lashing.
race and love and racism and blood.

while i wasnt ~too~ enamoured by this entry, theres still that essence trapped inside it i cant help but think is some sort of cult film youthcore magick. a film for the teens of japan to watch and adopt americanisms then reject them sneeringly.
(the club sign outside reads something like "Americans Welcome (and japanese welcome too!) in a garage rock club in the middle of a town near a US naval base. a feeling of being physically and culturally pushed out in your own town by an unwanted western presence). shame the racism angle isnt properly addressed except "bad guy dies" but this is a film that features a door-lock rape party so im not expecting any nuance.

smiles reflected on a blade.