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you know when you're watching an episode of X-Files and go "oh this ones like The Thing (S01E08 Ice)?"
well this is basically like an X-files episode of People Under The Stairs but somehow connexted to the series' over-arcing conspiracy plots (lack of true coherence included). Truly one for me.

could've missed the 20-ish mins of slashery/house invasion stuff but i understand it needed to be there aswell. and oh boy, lemmie personally chef's kiss that soundtrack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

didnt get a chance to delve elbow-deep ~too much~ into the visual calls and plot intricacies because i was having just a Good Time, but the Hands Across America '86/'19 thing is satirizing regurgitated hollow means of awareness being wheeled out e.g. Live Aid 3 etc., right?

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