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  • John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

    John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum


    too much

    hard to believe folk will shred on the phantom menace's trade negotation stuff but think the endless contract/commerce/bureaucracy chat in this is cool as shit

    the whole slightness of the original films mythology left lots for your brain to fill in and felt really intriguing but now we're 300m deep in Netflix TV land so the mythology is expanded beyond coins to opulent ancient treaties and artifacts and archive centres where everyone has tattoos and look like Necromantix…

  • Permanent Record

    Permanent Record


    teenage life is passing the baton.
    trauma, pressure, influences.
    memories and honoring the death of the people we love can be a nightmare but its what it inspires within us that really defines us.
    the death of a friend at such a young age shapes a part of us with a unique roughness we can never remove. its like accelerating growth where youre pushing feelings shaped like a Jeep through a keyhole.
    we burst but we manage.

    when me and…

  • Rancho Deluxe

    Rancho Deluxe


    everyones a rustler
    everyones a hustler

    a kitchen-sink modern cowboy film in the loosest terms.
    what a strange amazing thing this is. feels closer to The Last American Hero than say Smokey & The Bandit, but still keeps all the scrape marks off the trees and trucks its bashed on the way past.
    a kind of multi-sided dice of western, comedy, dead-town blues, bored and affected youth, coming of age.
    everything's something out of nothing, you just have to find where the light hits it.

    hang-out movie cowboys playing pong deluxo

    needs another viewing but i loved all this

  • Play Misty for Me

    Play Misty for Me


    big Clints loveletter to......being obsessed with himself?
    bold as fuck directorial debut to be honest, especially in a year that was nowhere near discovering slasher films, Play Misty For Me might be one of the very very very early ones.
    it looks and acts different because the genre had no tropes by this point, but this is a clearcut 70s slasher film dedicated to that real terror that comes with horrors prismatic eye for prettiness, delusion and blood.

    absolutely do NOT need to see Clint in his white y-fronts/ fucking in a waterfall ever again though.

  • High Plains Drifter

    High Plains Drifter


    Painting the Town Red [phrase]: a) to raise hell

    they want it, they'll get it

  • 3:10 to Yuma

    3:10 to Yuma


    Finish the Job

  • DAICON IV Opening Animation

    DAICON IV Opening Animation

    Drawing even a frame of this would take me 40 years.
    A flashcard summary of animation, pop culture, the joy of creation. Brains bursting with everything, blended and being tipped onto paper. All in 4 minutes.

  • Clearcut



    "im de-barking him"

    to be forcefully ordaned into a stereotype youd never understand

    natures vengeful angel in jeans and adidas

    would die to screen this one day

  • Blade Runner

    Blade Runner


    Dashell Asimov.

    watching this again just opens it up even more. Its not even pretending to be anything more than a hyper-turbo stylized noir.
    Even when Decker is about to be murdered by Kowalski, the film shows up with Rachael with a gun in her hand to kill him. pure novella stuff.

    "its too bad she wont live, but then who does?"
    if only he knew.

  • Irma Vep

    Irma Vep


    In Motion

    the chaos of culture clashes in the industry, the chaos of making art by qualified committee and the chaos left ashen by expelled energies

    everything is micro-machinations and art is just the same/

    i liked how this rips into batman returns, dresses up maggie inspired by catwoman, then shoots a whole sequence (at odds with the rest of the film) in a noirish visual parody of it.

    the last 3 minutes as a short film would probably be one of my fav shorts of all experimental wallnoise handcrafted industrial post-punk texture fest.

  • The Bad News Bears

    The Bad News Bears


    participation award

    i do like rag-tag groups of chuds coming together and scrapping their way to victory (see: Slapshot, Monster Squad) so Bad News Bears is up there for me.
    written like it was for adults with the volume turned down means that the kids are tough wee idiots, swearing at each other, swearing at opposition, drink beers, and throw punches. zero technique, zero class, nothing but band-aids and dried mud holding them together.
    Sport is all about chances and…

  • Off Limits

    Off Limits


    hugely greasy and angry/
    you can smell the sweat-soaked shirts and hear pen to insidious memo all through this.

    i wish it was angrier. it goes in on military abuse of power in Vietnam and the disposability of foreign bodies (civilian and non-civilian) to Americans inside a country theyre "Liberating", but it largely remains distant about it and just executes a fairly regular buddycop rogue-investigative thriller set in Saigon. its lucky i love shit like this even when it Is missing a few teeth.

    the Scott Glenn bit is fucking insane