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  • Total Recall

    Total Recall


    You cant spell LIBERATION without MARS

  • Air Force One

    Air Force One


    WolfDAD PeterSON

  • Narrow Margin

    Narrow Margin


    not much to say here except Hyams knows how to sand down almost any type of thriller and make it GOOD AS FUCK.

    trapped on a train thrillers are actually a good genre to be honest (Breakheart Pass, Silver Streak, Runaway Train...Marx Brothers' At The Circus) but Hyams manages to make you care, wring the tension, and have that atmosphere of danger i just adore.

    i know there alot of films you can say "i cant imagine this coming out…

  • 70


    close your eyes and rub them
    theres a truth in that kaleidoscope youll never truly see

  • Bad Influence

    Bad Influence


    on the one hand, its essentially a proto-Fight Club with Lowe being Spaders key to unlocking who he is inside him.
    "you cant do it, because i havent shown you how".
    especially the first part, which almost feels like its been basically stolen???

    but then it goes into that 90s favourite killer-in-the-home, killer-in-your-life film where its all about antagonists crimes being gleefully pointed at the main character, trapped in a REALLY easy to get out of dolls house.

    either way its fine, and sags and ebbs but still overall a good time!

  • The Mighty Peking Man

    The Mighty Peking Man


    they capture the big man and take him to, what seems like scotlands national stadium Hampden, then he escapes and goes fucking HAM on a billion miniatures. good.

    bunch of leopards and tigers clearly on ket. bad.

  • Blood and Roses

    Blood and Roses


    its the way the mirror smashes/

    "flowers always fade in a vampires hands"

  • ...All the Marbles

    ...All the Marbles



    an Aldrich film about Peter Falk managing a womens tag team duo is an easy sell to be honest, but theres so much more here.
    shlubby start ups and muffler-smoked car interiors. everythings greasy palmed and gym-hall locker room deals, but where it ends up is nothing, i mean nothing, more than what these characters deserve.
    Molly and Iris are icons. in the film and (should be) outside it. their working relationship is…

  • Relaxer



    as with all Potrykus' films, i demand zero explanation except for the ones my brain can half tape together with sugar-thick spit and the dying stickiness of a lint roller.

    a tiny step backwards from Alchemists Cookbook but he's still the king of DIY weerd oddball grossboy films about milk-soured slacker brains and nothingisms.

    each new film is another hieroglyph on the inside of someones head, unlocking an apocalypse

  • Arizona Dream

    Arizona Dream


    in our dreams, we are all actors/

    ideas of america's incarnation, origin and its arts obsession with its past reflected the eyes of mistakes in headlights.

    a staggering looking film constantly stoked by some kind of mysticism crushed in the palms of a country with all the potential only visible a foreign director. what a thing this is.

  • The Falcon and the Snowman

    The Falcon and the Snowman


    selling secrets wholesale/

    <<<check that Rocky IV poster hackjob

  • JFK



    drawing details out a shadow//

    with Nixon, Stone was able to be more playful, coy and venomous because it was a portrayal of an individual. someone who's separate incidents made collage of a person poisoned by a crown. but with JFK, its more of a spear of destiny in the ribcage of the american public as a whole. like the first time you look in the mirror after being kicked in.

    Stone knows that film and conspiracy exist in the…