Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★½

so its apparent were getting star wars films until the earth is engolfed by the sun, so instead of being the bitter old man ive been all year leading up to this, ill try to enjoy star wars while disney are still putting effort into them.

from the marketing campaign its clear this is intended to be the dark middle chapter mirroring empire, which had me weary of how similar it would be to episode v after the intentional a new hope reboot two years ago. a lot of it is very similar, but eventually drifts in a different direction in which the final act couldve been the entire third movie leaving episode ix speculation based on a few minor plots left unresolved by the last jedi. obviously i cant say anymore about the plot because of spoilers but there was very little i disliked, poes plot could have had a little more weight to it as it felt stuck on the main focus.

adam driver and carrie fisher stand out in terms of performance, extra care has gone into the visual style to seperate itself from the previous two movies and it shows, elevating it to the best thing to come out of disney-era star wars so far. rian johnson is easing disney into letting go of fan service and typical tropes that would cover this movie if it were in the hands of someone who just wanted a pay cheque. if were gonna get star wars movie until we die, im glad hes paving the way ahead.

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