Eternals ★★½

We have loved these people since the day we arrived. When you love something, you protect it.

The Eternals is a movie that I had been extremely hyped to see. Just by looking at the cast, I was pumped. I was mostly excited to see Robb Stark and Jon Snow on the big screen!

Sadly this movie was a disappointment.

It’s extremely slow-paced and honestly, nothing crazy ever happens. This was just a movie made to introduce awesome characters.

The biggest high this movie has is its characters. All the Eternals are interesting in their ways and even the side characters are fun to watch!
The CGI was great at times but I did notice a few funky-looking faces, but it wasn’t horrible.

This movie needed action and fight scenes and not characters talking the entire time about what’s gonna come next

Overall I didn’t hate it but it was boring.

Also for MCU movies imma rate, the end credit scenes cause why not. This movie has two end-credits scenes. 
The first one was for sure shocking? Without spoilers, it wasn’t anything intense but showed us what’s next for the Eternals! 
The second one was exciting! I’m pumped to see what they will do with Kit Harington’s character. I wish we got a little more but it’s just a teaser for what’s next!

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