Torso ★★½

I have to admit I found this a little disappointing. Based on the title and the poster, I was expecting an Italian version of Pieces, but Torso is sorely lacking on the exaggerated gore and the fast paced slasher action. In hindsight, it should’ve been obvious it wasn’t gonna be like Pieces due to the fact it’s from 1973 and both gore special effects and the slasher genre were in their infancy.

However, even after I cottoned onto the fact that this wasn’t the brutal, bright red blood fest that I’d expected, I found it hard to fully embrace the tone of the movie. The pacing is very slow. There’s not necessarily anything I’d cut, because it does slowly but surely build up to a good finale without padding the movie with useless filler. But despite that, the story just seems to trail along at times, and I can’t say the characters ever really pulled me into the story.

I sound like a bit of a debbie downer with my low rating and review. I do think this has its good moments, but I think my high hopes let me down a significant amount. And I have to mention that mask the killer wears in one scene - he should have worn that the whole time, it was creepy as fuck!

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