Drive My Car

Drive My Car ★★★★½

We will live. We'll be okay. We shall rest. Such cathartic words. For a movie with a title that's a metaphor for the cowgirl position. For a movie that spends almost its entirety with cold, monotonous, nonchalant characters. Only for their flesh to be peeled off one by one as the main character's red vintage car wanders through the vicinities of the historic Hiroshima. And in the end, all of the pain, the grief, the emotional exhaustion of living with lost love combusts like a broken engine. And this combustion strangely feels like a warm embrace and a warm release of those pain, away. Such great sensibilities by Hamaguchi. If only his characters don't move and speak like robots. But I get it... it served its purpose after all is wrapped up. Woo-hee I've been watching a lot of movies with grief as their theme lately and it wasn't at all intentional and just pure coincidental...Louder Than Bombs, Demolition, Summer 1993, now this.

My favorite line:

I hated her, but that wasn't the only thing I felt about her.


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