Satantango ★★★★★

If you aren't convinced by all the 5-star reviews, let me tell you why you should watch this 7-hour long Hungarian classic.

1: It's a one of a kind film that you may only see once upon a lifetime.

2: The seven hours will go by faster than you think. This is a slow paced movie, but that doesn't mean it's boring.

3: You will enter a whole new world. I felt like I was around the characters rather than watching them.

4: It's gorgeous! Every single shot is so beautiful.

5: You'll have something to brag about. How cool isn't it to have experienced a seven hour long film?

6: The long takes are superb throughout. They serve a great purpose and help to create the amazing atmosphere.

7: It proves that you do not need a strong plot to make a great film.

8: It's the best novel adaptation you will ever see. Have you ever complained about a movie because the book it was based upon was a lot better? Well, Satantango is the only true book-to-film adaptation ever.

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