The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★★

If there ever was a true definition of an auteur, Alejandro Jodorowsky would fit right into that category. Every film on his filmography is insane and unique. The only similar experiences I can think of is going through an art gallery with Salvador Dali paintings or watching the early works of Luis Bunuel. The Holy Mountain is Jodorowsky's ultimate film and one of the greatest cinematic achievements of all-time.

I do not think that there is an absolute "truth" to the film, hence nobody knows for sure what the film really means. That is the way Jodorowsky works, and my theory about this film is that it showcases the extreme power of religion and illusion. Though no location is ever mentioned, the film probably takes place in Mexico, a society dominated by generally insane people.

Every scene in The Holy Mountain must have required an insane amount of effort. The production design, especially, is absolutely gorgeous. It's like seeing a string of beautiful paintings. How Jodorowsky pulled this off is still beyond me. Words cannot describe the film, this is an experience no one should be allowed to miss. Nothing can prepare you for it, and you will never look at things the same afterward.

Tomorrow, I am watching Jodorowsky's new film Endless Poetry at the cinema. Re-watching The Holy Mountain is my preparation. Thank you, Alejandro, for all your contributions to the surrealist scene of cinema!


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