Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★½

#Scream2 is simply one of the best slasher sequels. Now it may not have the backing or wow factor of the first movie but it has great things to offer. This movie feels more fun than the original. The comedy is great here. Some of the characters from the original flourish too.The direction from #WesCraven is solid yet again. Proving people wrong about sequels not as good as originals. The performances all around are good. #NeveCampbell is back as Sidney whos great. Her character is the main focus. But let's other around her flourish at the same time.A major improvement for me with Dewy player by #DavidArquette compared to the first one. They made me care and have a huge twist (twice). Gale again is solid and has a arc for the story. #LievSchrieber as Cotton was great. Offered some really great moments. Everyone else is good.The pacing of the movie is solid I never got bored and it kept going. The tone is where it thrives. It's suspenseful, gets the heart racing and is a nailbiting experience. The scares are majority jump scares. Technically the movie is slightly better than the original too.The music is again brilliant. The romance between Dewy & Gale was something that also flourished well and made me care. The nitpicks I have with this movie is how they handled the character of Randy. He is such a solid character and deserved better than what he got.The best friend of Sidney had nothing in common with her and didn't seem like a best friend for her. Just felt off. I didn't care for her much either. The writing is solid in most areas but it has plot holes. The epic reveal at the end is well done & shocks us. Double shock too.But one of the killers doesn't actually have a motive which sucks. The other killer who had a motive made sense but didn't because they weren't around for the person they want revenge for. There are other plot holes but none that majorly bothered me too much.You can also say that some other characters weren't in the movie much like the boyfriend or that the movie isn't as rewatchable as the original. But again didn't bother me. I understood. Honourable mention to Joel as he was hilarious as the cameraman. Made me laugh so hard.Overall we get a very good follow up to a near masterpiece. If you compare you won't enjoy as much. I fully loved my experience watching this for the first time. It does most stuff right. Just little nitpicks that hold it back. Very solid for the franchise though. 7.5/10