Midsommar ★★★★★

Midsommar kinda blew me away. Ari Aster’s sophomore film exceeds his fantastic debut, Hereditary, which was just a year before this.
I fell in love with his improving filmmaking. The visuals, effects, music, and costume/production designs were fantastic.
The best word I’ve seen descrbed for Midsommar is “hypnotizing”. There are moments with disorienting warped backgrounds mixed with beautiful music, and beautifully coordinated rituals that makes it feel like a trance.
There wasn’t a single weak performance. Everyone did great, especially Florence Pugh. Her emotions around her struggling relationship feels so genuine, and the slow-paced drama around that takes the spotlight rather than this mysterious cult which makes the concept feel refreshing.
It is Ari’s masterpiece that proves that he has very solid talent, and I cannot wait to see where his filmmaking career goes next.

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