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  • Friends with Benefits

    Friends with Benefits


    Emma Stone has less than 10 lines in this movie and 5 of them are:

    Here’s an idea, next time instead of being late just shit on my face because it’s kind of the same idea as missing ‘Your Body is a Wonderland’


    Maybe you should care a little bit less about work and a little bit more about the girl you're dating because last time I checked work doesn't reassure you that liking a finger up your ass…

  • Friends: The Reunion

    Friends: The Reunion

    I once heard Matt LeBlanc talking about the show’s impact. He was sharing some of the things fans have said to him over the years, and one of the anecdotes has always stuck with me. The fan had said/wrote to the cast something to the effect of;

    I moved away to a different country for university. I didn’t have any friends there, you guys were my friends. I never ended up making many friends there, so I didn’t have anyone…