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Favorite films

  • A New Leaf
  • Phantom Thread
  • Stop Making Sense
  • Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Recent activity

  • Killers of the Flower Moon


  • Synecdoche, New York


  • To Live and Die in L.A.


  • The Mysteries of the Chateau of Dice

Recent reviews

  • Killers of the Flower Moon

    Killers of the Flower Moon


    “There was no mention of the murders.”

    yes, Martin Scorsese DOES only make crime movies bc he makes movies about America, and what is the American story if not an endless history of brutal theft and murder and separation and destruction at the altar of capitalism and ruthless expansionism? so bleak and unsparing in its portrayal of the original evils haunting America that it feels wrong even to jokingly reference the TikTok of Marty saying that Lily Gladstone CONSUMED the…

  • Synecdoche, New York

    Synecdoche, New York


    I do not enjoy this movie but it's one of my favorite production designs of all time so when I saw that Metrograph was screening it followed by a Q&A with production designer Mark Friedberg I was like "I guess I gotta sit thru this again..." still not a fan but Philip Seymour Hoffman makes the whole thing bearable, much like how he apparently saved the movie?? (the studio suddenly decided they wanted a happy ending and just as everyone…

Popular reviews

  • Past Lives

    Past Lives


    hmmmm okay I felt like I just watched a longer version of the trailer instead of the Rich Emotional Experience everyone else seems to have had??? kept waiting for the characters to develop actual depth and expand beyond their established roles that make the plot unfold but everyone just felt so thinly sketched throughout! a lot of telling me how the characters behave and think instead of showing me what they're like. on the other hand playing "what if/in another…

  • Bottoms



    I know I'm a tough laugh but OOF this did nothing for me!!

    only saw this on opening weekend bc it was $4 movie day and I was attempting a double feature[**] but after spending most of the movie worrying that I was going insane bc of how little fun I was having I ended up literally thinking "thank GOD I only paid $4 for this!!" while walking out at the end.

    has the problem I associate with contemporary-ish playwriting…