Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread ★★★★★

finally watched this with my mum and my dog. here are some things my mum said aloud:
— “where does this take place and what year is it?” approximately halfway through the introductory “House of Woodcock” scene, to which I said DONT ASK QUESTIONS DURING THIS
— “she’s evil!” after our introductory scene with Cyril at the breakfast table (she later took this back)
— “well, that’s not weird or anything...” upon learning that Reynolds keeps his mother’s hair in his coat
— “now that’s a look!” re: Reynolds’s appearance in his jacket and pajamas
— “what does that say?” approximately ten seconds before Alma pulled out the NEVER CURSED label, to which she then exclaimed “she ripped it out!”
— “SHE’S PICKING MUSHROOMS AGAIN!” at the obvious scene
— “HE KNOWS!!!” which she screamed aloud during the climactic omelette scene
— she did laugh at all the correct scenes and recurring gags (eating loudly, every snippy remark Reynolds makes, when he falls on the dress, etc.)

her final assessment was that this movie was very beautiful, but also very weird and upsetting, and that she was waiting for Alma to actually kill Reynolds the whole time and finds it more disturbing that she didn’t and that this is just their dynamic. 

my dog, a seasoned PTA viewer, really liked the score, but especially “House of Woodcock”, “Alma”, and “Never Cursed”, as all sensible listeners do.

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