Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

“This movie is cracked” - me various times throughout the viewing. 

This had me cry laughing at its sheer stupidity while also quietly crying at the amount of heart it has. It was able to balance the different tones so perfectly that I wasn’t sure if I was watching a family movie, action adventure, comedy or thriller. Talk about a perfect multiverse movie. 

This cast is ridiculous too.
Yeoh is given a role we’ve never got to see given to her before and this was literally written for her. So much fun and honestly I teared up at how perfect this role was. A true QUEEN!  
Quan is back! And better than ever with great comedic timing, amazingly fun stunt work and he was able to make a character who wears his heart on his sleeve believable and not eye-rolly in any way. Hopefully get to see more of him again. 
Stephanie Hsu is such a big up and comer. I was excited to see her beyond her Mrs. Maisel role and she delivered in an unforgettable way. She also got the BEST costumes in this movie. Very Lady Gaga. 
Even Jamie Lee with a smaller role completely dominated and clearly took notes from Michael Myers in some scenes. Who knew she was such a comedy queeeen too

Also Jenny Slate as “Big Nose” is too much. 🤣

Without spoiling anything, all I gotta say is this reinvented blockbuster-esque movies for me. The wardrobe, the camera work, the action.. all top tier. Easily my favourite movie of the year so far!

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