I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★

If you accept that this film is primarily trying to present an interesting story of some complex and bizarre characters, you can get past its preachiness and enjoy it for what it is: an extremely entertaining work.

All three of the main leads in I, Tonya — Margot Robbie, Sebastian Stan and Allison Janney — are incredible and all three deserve awards. Robbie is especially fantastic as she creates a sympathetic and genuine on-screen portrayal of a real-life person who was absolutely hated.

Stan and Janney are both at times terrifying in their downright evil abusiveness. The film's unorthodox script and structure allow their characters to share their perspective, such that you at least understand some their motivations.

This is a movie that will force you to question whether the truly insane behaviors its characters display are actually justified. That's either the true beauty of I, Tonya, or its danger, or both.

I appreciated that aspect of the movie's narrative structure. It's truly unlike anything I've seen before. Comparisons have been made to Goodfellas, and while there are definitely clear parallels here, I think this movie is tonally completely different.

I also appreciated the movie's intimate cinematography, featuring heavy use of tight tracking shots that followed the characters closely. I've seen people complain about the CGI face replacement in the skating scenes, but I found those scenes to be especially elegant in the way they were photographed.

I, Tonya presents something eclectic and unique to viewers. With the traditional paint-by-numbers, Oscar-bait biopics that come out every year, seeing a film flip that formula on its head is really refreshing. I was totally engaged and entertained from the first frame of this movie to the last. That's pretty much all I want from a movie, so I think I, Tonya is a resounding success.

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