Nope ★★★

As he does in Us, Jordan Peele plays with themes of race, class and trauma in really inventive ways, and in Nope he tosses in human vs. nature and American sensationalism for good measure. But for a second time, it feels like he gets too lost in the sauce, trying to evoke symbolism and ~hidden meanings~ that I think don’t ultimately hold up to much scrutiny. 

What consistently works well for Peele though is his incredible eye for spectacle and performances — Kaluuya, Keke and newcomer-to-me Brandon Perea are all a lot of fun to watch, even more so when this turns into a team-up movie. This would’ve been nearly impossible to look bad with Hoyte van Hoytema as your DP. The score is thrilling. I just sadly can’t give Nope a resounding hell yup 😕

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