Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★★

Second time's the charm. After having been a little confused when I watched this in theatres a new attempt on BD certainly helped. I still think Harmony Korine's film is both too on the nose and lost in vague pretension at times, but it mostly works. Love the transition from a depiction of juvenile ennui and the longing for "real" experiences into something broader, when (some of) the girls get corrupted by money, power and the perceived freedom it buys. Cross-cutting, juxtapositions and contrasting voice-overs work wonders with the presented images; the way parties with grabby dudes and girls shaking their bottoms appear in a totally different light once the perspective shifts.

Also love Korine's use of colours. The film looks absolutely stunning and the colour-coding of the girls can't be an accident. It's obvious (almost, yes, on the nose) how the girls get streamlined, shed off their individual identities and become interchangeable beings in bikinis and ski masks.

It's also gloriously funny at times, shockingly bleak at others. Alien's "MTV Cribs" show including the famous "look at my shit" shoutout and the gun-silencer blowjob manages to both at the same time.