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  • Dragonwyck



    Landgrabber the result of a stew of warring reeducations in elitist thinking, clearly (in)bred from decades of ghostly redefining of what makes social superiority apropos of being of "pure untainted" stock and thus near mad with cursed blood... and not (result of) just constant fear and greed? Wish real life were more like this and shitty bloodlines held these people accountable.

    Of course political-Rebecca would be made by the non-auteur and have none of the mystique, because politics and cinema,…

  • The Exorcist: Believer

    The Exorcist: Believer


    Unfortunately yes, I still want to talk about Exorcist: Believer. I think David Gordon Green has integrity and that maybe someday a case can be made that he is our generation’s similarly-homegrown and commercially stowawayed Ray Dennis Steckler. Yes, they’re “bad,” yes, they force us to reorient the way we approach the acts of approaching a movie, whether their methods of practical provenance or cognitively from the consumer’s perspective. They represent the dregs of our culture, only so much as they are allowed to termite art their way toward it and then infest it with their wisdom, and flourish when without co-conspirators.

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  • Mortuary


    As a series of disparate musings on industrial decay, structural rot, civic mismanagement, teenage agency, death, loss, family, all these as self-fulfilling prophecy, and a genre morality ideated through finessed genre tropes and personal philosophy, this is very disparate, but so much as to be the survey and the total, untempered internalization of the filmmaker's carefully bred artistic personality (that is, "aesthetic personality") that it is. Hooper has always been something of a "shaggy dog" filmmaker, even when putting forth…

  • Eaten Alive

    Eaten Alive


    "It's much more complex than it seems. I tried to establish some kind of motif that carries throughout the show - sometimes that's actually more important than what you're actually showing. This has a lot to do with lights and shadows: it takes place in a single night, from dusk to dawn. And all the characters bring with them some sort of history, they're not just cardboard characters walking into a slaughterhouse." - Tobe Hooper

    I'm no longer convinced of…