• Dabbe 5: Zehr-i Cin

    Dabbe 5: Zehr-i Cin


    Turkey has really been making a killing “perfecting” or at least making vibe horror profitable. The ending... whew, other countries are making horror in a way analogous to pre-code films to post-code Hollywood films. There’s no code, this is real black metal horror, though there is still cribbing.

  • Monster Hunter

    Monster Hunter


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Wodie if said/tweeted already: (Dragon cracks head of transport plane clean off) Oh, so Rathalon is the hero here.

    After watching Alien vs. Predator again, it struck me that the greatest works of art don’t need to be smart. The Sistine Chapel, in its content, is dumb as rocks. Bosch draws from nothing but his time’s cultural psychological markers (I think). Monster Hunter is the purest, least cynical action entertainment I’ve seen from the current multiplexes in years, even though…

  • War Hunt

    War Hunt


    From the writer of The Dark

  • Taken


    All ten episodes. Surprisingly grotty - drug addiction, murder, Oedipal stuff, sexual grooming, and aliens. Hooper’s pilot naturally the stuffiest and most fearful of transgressing into televisual goofiness, but that is the reason the other episodes have “Best of TV” life whereas Hooper’s only has his repeated formalist tropes that awkwardly impose movie-artificiality onto TV-artificiality. His “romantic horse-riding date” scene he steals blatantly from Night Terrors and it’s a pale imitation of cinema here. He’s obedient and afraid, but that…

  • Where Danger Lives

    Where Danger Lives


    John Farrow, clown prince of noir

  • Ready Player One

    Ready Player One


    My most burning thoughts from reading Cline’s book have faded, but Spielberg is the great director of the common man - his eye for casting has the sense of discovery of a small child who loves faces - and he (and Zak Penn) know how to focus on all the important things Ernest Cline glosses over in order to focus on vaunting the gross, individualist hero of the novel. I’m not sure there’s a Spielberg moment I find more affecting…

  • Aliens, Clowns & Geeks

    Aliens, Clowns & Geeks


    Legitimately charming, French stewart is brilliant

  • Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

    Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves


    Good pairing with Holiday being films about people grappling with wealth.

  • Yourself and Yours

    Yourself and Yours


    Hilarious this came out the same year as Split.

  • The Sea of Perdition

    The Sea of Perdition


    The musical score of Hardware I saw a few people take issue with, but scoring may be key to the way Stanley's sprawling future operas aren't bound by mere aesthetics or simple perspicacity. This short, not the height of aesthetics, works in the same way.

  • Return to Oz

    Return to Oz


    1st half: **
    2nd half: sniff sniff **1/2

  • Soul



    A bit like Kiyoshi Kurosawa in its shaggy tale exploration of the absurdity of physical existence. When it comes to conceptual blockbusters, I’ll pass on Pixar’s semiotic pastiches, even Wonder Woman 84’s citizen propaganda via a mash-up of Lifeforce’s plot with Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2’s thematic concerns, for that sweet stuff: Jeff Wadlow’s Blumhouse filmography.