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  • Fighting with My Family

    Fighting with My Family


    florence fucking pugh!!!!!

    what a year she's having: FIGHTING WITH MY FAMILY, MIDSOMMAR, LITTLE WOMEN...

    sincerely cannot wait for her to become the next big star

  • Burnt



    i hate you i love you i hate that i want you

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  • The Farewell

    The Farewell


    "It was like he just vanished. And I wasn't allowed to go to the funeral."

    This isn't the exact quote, but this is essentially something Billi says at some point in this movie - not about anyone present in the film, and it struck me so hard it was like what I imagine lightning feels like. It was one of those moments where you feel seen, like a part of you that you intentionally kept private was pried from your…

  • Us



    Jordan Peele presents, Kingdom Hearts

    In all seriousness, Jordan Peele is one of the most creative filmmakers working today. Lupita Nyong'o reminds audiences that she is going to be remembered in history as one of the most incredible actors of all time. This cast, the design, the vision. I am so here for this movie.

    Can't wait to revisit this; I think it's one that's gonna keep getting better.