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  • Becky



    Paul Blart : Mein Kampf 

  • Never Rarely Sometimes Always

    Never Rarely Sometimes Always


    “Whatever your decision is, is totally fine, as long as it's yours.” 

    Much to my surprise, “Never Rarely Sometimes Always”, opens up with a high school talent competition and if I’m being honest : I thought that I had somehow switched on the wrong film. What followed was possibly the best opening scene of 2020. We see a young woman (our protagonist) singing a song with such passion but is quickly heckled, “slut !”, a boy yells out from the…

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  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    EXTREMELY disappointing.

    I’m probably going to be in the minority here, I did like and enjoy the film but for me it was an intensely weak Kaufman film. Felt more like a Synecdoche compared to something like an Eternal Sunshine or Adaptation so take that as you will. It all depends on ur tastes and the kind of Kaufman films that you like. 

  • Minari



    Recommended by Liam

    “Minari” is a film that has been hyped up for me ever since the crazy, positive buzz that came out of the premiere of the film at Sundance. Although not being as good as some have made it out to be, ‘Minari’ is still a stunningly made, exceptionally acted film that is full of heart. 

    The film is about a struggling Korean family who move to Arkansas in the early 80s. The film shouts authenticity and feels…