The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★

Watched with Fabrizio and Specks

“The Devil all the time” is an interesting film to say the least... let’s get into it. 

The film was directed by Antonio Campos who is following up “Christine” (2016) which some,  (including me possibly on a few rewatches) would call a masterpiece so obviously it was going to be a tough one to follow up on. The direction here is near perfection. Campos has a very specific stylistic quality that he portrays in his films all the whilst keeping them in a distinctly grounded reality. Campos used Lol Crawley as his director of photography for this film and it’s definitely noticeable as this film although being very beautiful does look quite different compared to his previous films such as “Simon Killer” and the aforementioned “Christine.” 
Crawley does a really good job of bringing this world to life and making it feel lived in. 

The acting (for the most part) is arguably pretty much the strongest aspect of the film. Campos garners some fantastic performances by Robert Pattinson and Bill Skarsgård. On the other hand the so called “lead” (take that with a grain of salt, I don’t even know if I would consider him the lead but he gets top billing so I suppose he’s the lead) of the film, played by Tom Holland falls flat in close to every scene. I think Holland was horribly miscast In the film and it really disrupts all the verisimilitude of the picture. I can understand that Campos wanted to get a great performance off of Holland while also giving him a part that was very “off brand” for him but it truly just didn’t work/connect with me at all. 

The social commentary for me was 50/50, it wasn’t anything that hasn’t been portrayed in a film before and it’s been conveyed much more effectively in films such as De Palma’s “Carrie” (1976) and “The Devil’s Advocate” (1997). I think a lot of hypocrisy is also going on with the fans of this film as many who aren’t of Christian faith or belief (I’m not Christian myself) are praising this to be a masterful take on the criticisms of Christianity although if this film was portraying their own religion in a negative light they would be on the complete other spectrum. I think that the film should’ve branched out more and looked at all religion and how over the top and ridiculous it is. 

The film is extremely messy and crammed also as it tries to stuff so much story into this film which would’ve surely been better as a full on tv series or just a mini-series. 
There’s so much plot going on and it just doesn’t allow some of the story’s to progress as much as others. 

The film is very meandering too, so meandering in fact that when the plot starts to finally get moving it just doesn’t matter anymore. 

Devil all the Time was definitely a mixed bag for me. I truly believe this is the weakest Campos film and just a very disappointing film In all honestly. It’s not all bad though the direction is stellar and the 35 mm is just to die for. 

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