Portrait of a Lady on Fire

It's hard for me not to compare this to Call Me By Your Name, both being personally moving and titular pieces of recent gay cinema. Having read some of Aciman's work recently, the love he writes plays out like a well thought-out chess match where every sentence has two meanings. As to CMBYN, I don't know if the chess of that love is as fully realised as it is with Portrait of a Lady on Fire. The lines and readings in this movie hit me way harder and I often had to pause and just breathe for a moment. Sciamma hits you with a powerful line and just leaves the scene, almost using it as some sort of smash cut. It's such good acting that this movie can say much more with just it's glances and visuals, hard to not make the "pictures can say a thousand words" trope, than it can with dialogue. God it feels like I've only cried twice in life