A Simple Plan ★★★★

"Do you ever feel evil? I do."

After watching (and really liking) Frailty earlier today, I decided to watch another Bill Paxton film that I hadn't seen. A Simple Plan was directed by Sam Raimi and it's about three men who find over four million dollars in a plane wreck in the woods. They come up with a plan of how to keep the money for themselves, but naturally things don't turn out the way they expected. This film was on my watchlist over on IMDB and I decided to cross it off that list after hearing of Bill Paxton's sudden passing. I'm glad I watched it because this is a very good film right here that reminded me a bit of Fargo at times. That's one of my favorites so reminding me of it is certainly not a bad thing.

Bill Paxton plays the lead role here and he's very good. From what I've seen from him so far, most of my favorite Paxton roles are ones where he gets to be funny. Here he has a more straightforward dramatic role, but he does a really good job. Billy Bob Thornton is even better as his brother. Thornton got an Oscar nomination for the film and he deserved it, because he really is great here. I haven't seen a ton of stuff from him yet, but the man's got range. The other supporting players do pretty well too and Danny Elfman's score was a definite highlight. The story was really well done, with many surprising turns along the way. It was intense as hell in parts and the finale didn't disappoint. I liked this one a lot and look forward to revisiting it in the future. 8/10

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