Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★½

Film #16 of JC13's I Do Believe I Just Shit Myself September/October Horror Marathon: Part III

"How come you never scream when we have sex?"

"Give me something to scream about."

Was it really necessary to show the last few minutes of the second one at the start of this one? It's nearly 8 minutes in to this films 95 minute running time that we finally get past the recap of the last one. Other than that, I enjoyed this one. Much like the second film, it is fairly similar in plot to the first one, but it was still pretty entertaining. Friday the 13th Part III has some great tension, a good score, and some awesome kills. One of the kills looked pretty damn fake and was admittedly pretty laughable, but I guess that was supposed to be one of the 3D effects in the movie. Jason Vorhees finally dons his famous hockey mask in this one, which was pretty cool. Overall, it's nothing spectacular, but it's another solid sequel and I had fun with it. 7/10

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