Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★

"Everything you touch turns to shit, you're like king Midas's idiot brother."- Jean

I finally got around to seeing the Coen Brothers latest film Inside Llewyn Davis. The main reason I watched it: Oscar Isaac. In the past few months I've become a pretty big fan of him after rewatching Drive and watching Ex Machina and A Most Violent Year. This film just made me love him more. After a few more great performances he'll be up there among the best of this generation.

Isaac plays the title character and he makes him interesting despite the fact that he's not always the most likable guy. That takes talent. Carey Mulligan is also very good and John Goodman is fantastic in his brief role. The film looks beautiful and I really enjoyed watching Isaac's character throughout the film as he struggled to make it.

Perhaps the best part of the film other than Isaac's incredible performance is the wonderful soundtrack. The song Isaac sings in the opening scene (Hang Me, Oh Hang Me) is an amazing song. I've been listening to it on repeat ever since I watched the film. I didn't love Inside Llewyn Davis like many people do, but I did like it quite a bit. Definitely a film I'll revisit. 7.5/10

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