King Kong

King Kong ★★★

"Blondes are scarce around here."

This 1933 classic is a film that I know a lot about, but haven't seen until last night. I'm familiar with the story as I'm sure most people are and I saw Peter Jackson's remake way back in 2005 when it first came out. This one turned out to be one of those that I respect more than I actually like. I didn't dislike it or anything, but I think it has some problems. Given the fact that the film was released over 80 years ago, the effects don't exactly look very convincing by today's standards. I have to give the filmmakers credit though, because I'm sure they looked great at the time. My biggest problem with the film is the characters. I didn't find any of the human characters particularly memorable or very well developed, so it was hard to car about them or what was happening to them. The performances didn't really help either. The cast was solid enough, but nobody really stood out. The film undoubtedly shines brightest when Kong is going apeshit (pun intended) and killing some motherfuckers. It was actually surprisingly violent in parts, which I was happy to see. Apparently I watched the restored version, which has some scenes that were previously cut because of violence, but still it too me by surprise. The film also features good sets and costumes and the music was pretty good. Overall, due to the weak characterizations and forgettable performances I can't quite call myself a fan, but I can see why it's considered a classic. 6.5/10

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