Manhunter ★★★★

"And if one does what God does enough times, one will become as God is."- Doctor Hannibal Lecktor

Manhunter was the first film based upon the novels featuring Hannibal Lecter by Thomas Harris, and the only one not to have Anthony Hopkins as Lecter. Hopkins performance as Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs is my favorite film performance of all time so I knew that Brian Cox's portrayal wouldn't come close . . . and it didn't. He was good, but after seeing Hopkins in the role it's impossible to imagine anyone else. Cox wasn't really in this for very long though.

Though Michael Mann is obviously a better director, I prefer Brett Ratner's take on this story (his kept the title of the book: Red Dragon), but that's because he had an amazing cast to work with. The cast of Manhunter is good, but not even close to that of Red Dragon. Despite this, I still quite liked Manhunter. Because of Mann it has gorgeous photography and a brilliant soundtrack. It has a nice atmosphere. 7.5/10

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