The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★

"You're the world's worst detective." - Holly

Shane Black's first film Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is among my all time favorites, so I was excited when I first heard about this one as it is seemed to be very similar. The trailers were awesome and I'm happy to say the film didn't disappoint. The film is very Noirish, with a complex story full of plot twists and lots of characters. You have to pay close attention to follow along, but I like that. It was nice to see Shane Black return to the type of film that he clearly is great at, after his venture into Blockbuster filmmaking with Iron Man 3. Sure Iron Man 3 definitely made more money than Black's other two films, but I'd rather watch Kiss Kiss Bang Bang or this any day than Iron Man 3. What I'm trying to say is Shane Black should stick to films like this.

The Nice Guys clocks in at just under two hours and it is a total blast for every second of its running time. The story had my attention from the start and took me for one hell of a ride. The film is well shot, has a great soundtrack, and the script is dynamite, full of great lines. I laughed a lot during this movie. What brings it all together though is the cast. Angourie Rice plays Ryan Gosling's teenage daughter and she was great and even stole some of her scenes. Front and center we have Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling and they are magnificent together. Gosling was my personal favorite, providing many of the biggest laughs. I'd say that Gosling gives my favorite performance of 2016 so far and overall The Nice Guys is hands down my favorite film of 2016. 8/10

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