Avatar: The Way of Water

Avatar: The Way of Water ★★★★

This is direct and functional popcorn storytelling. It pulls from all sorts of narrative and filmic tropes, but Avatar: The Way of Water still feels refreshing in the current cinematic culture - a reminder of how grandiose and vast films can feel when they operate on this level. It is enhanced and defined largely by spectacle, but A:TWoW has heart and soul behind those large Na'vi eyes and luscious tropical landscapes. Cameron's environmentalism shines right through the entire film, and the natural world plays such a huge part in faith, family, and harmony on Pandora. An omnipresent force, bound by the waves.

In regards to style and form, there are shades of Aliens, Titanic, and dare I say even some True Lies in the mix here. Just when you begin to feel the heft and weight of a certain landscape or idea, the edit naturally progresses forward.

Big fan of alien whales and crab submarines.

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