Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★★

If this isn't the most confident directorial debut I've ever seen....

Only Greta Gerwig could have made something like this...IN HER FIRST MOVIE!

Lady Bird is phenomenal. I'm not sure what it is about coming of age movies but I relate to them so much. Maybe its because I'm usually about the same age as the main characters and can find something that relates to me.

I feel for a lot of what lady bird is going through. She feels out of place, she desires more than what she has and she has a strong will to achieve it.

My situation is vastly different from hers but just seeing the emotions play out on screen is unlike anything else I've seen this year. Greta Gerwig is PHENOMENAL and I can't emphasize that enough.

As for Saoirse Ronan, she tops her performance from Brooklyn somehow and is easily the highlight of this film. I don't think she will win the Oscar this year but someday she will get what she rightfully deserves.

Lady Bird is one of the most refreshing, meaningful, funniest, and rewarding films of the decade and is now my favorite of the year!

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