The Matrix Resurrections

The Matrix Resurrections ★★★★★

I’m fucking sobbing. Wow. She did it :’)

Part 2 extended thoughts:

i watched most of the movie again cause i can’t stop thinking about it and I’m unfortunately stuck in my own pod AKA in Covid isolation and losing my mind watching all of these movies for the last 48 hours and I know there’s a bit of recency bias clouding my judgment but I seriously can’t remember the last time I loved a movie this completely (besides licorice pizza lol). 

Of course the franchise that told us that the feeling of deja vu is just a glitch in the matrix would be the only one equipped with a 2021 modern metasequel that doesn’t suck. I initially thought about comparing this movie to Alien Covenant in the way it seems to hate the very idea of its own existence but the the fundamental difference is that Covenant hates humanity itself as much as it hates the it’s own recycled formula, while Lana clearly hates the studio system and reboot culture that birthed this movie but loves humanity so much. This movie is so warm and gentle even with all its anarchic playfulness and ouroboros like self referentiality. 

This movie is about all people and has so many ways into it intellectually and emotionally besides the obvious trans angle so I don’t want to limit it to just that but this is instantly one of the most important works of American trans art ever made. Lana made this movie for all of us but if you love it as much as I do it’ll feel like she made it for you specifically. What a gift this movie is. Please don’t wait too long to cherish it, we’re never getting anything like it ever again. 

They took your story, something that meant so much to people like me, and turned it into something trivial. That’s what the matrix does… it weaponizes every idea, every dream, everything that’s important to us…

All of it mattered. I can show you 

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