The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★★★

hooper's sequel to his shockingly violent 1974 original takes a complete 180 tonal shift and is wacky and campy as hell - featuring a killer soundtrack (the cramps, oingo boingo, and roky erickson), insane performances from dennis hopper and bill moseley, great make-up from tom savini, chainsaw duels, and a similar brand of social-political subtext (while not as thematically developed as the original, it still gives us some clever ideas like the sawyer family's compound being underneath a 'texas battleland' amusement park, representing the violent underbelly of american masculinity and aggression breeding below a wax-figure facade of rewritten history that's celebrating massacres as similar to the ones leatherface and the sawyers commit, not to mention plenty of dudes holding chainsaws like they're massive boners).

the cannon films logo at the beginning really tells you all you need to know though.

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