Us ★★★★½

"I wanted to make a statement for the whole world to see."

Jordan Peele gave himself one hell of a problem. He shook up the cinematic landscape with his debut feature and enjoyed an impressive award tour as the year wound down. How exactly do you follow that up?

It’s the most obvious narrative tethered to the lead-up for his sophomore feature, but it’s a worthy question. Many filmmakers before him have made a similar splash without living up to their first impression, and in some cases, faded away altogether.

Us may not cement Peele’s legacy yet (he’s only 40 years old, and miles to go before he sleeps), but it proves he’s no fluke. What’s more, it establishes a defining characteristic to his films that should carry over throughout his career: a smorgasbord of unshakable sights and symbols that begs to be rewatched and overanalyzed.

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