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This review may contain spoilers.

Did your middle school ever bring an animal wrangler to your class?

Mine was a guy who brought in snakes, spiders, and turtles but he had **many** other experiences and thoughts about animals. Later on in his visit did he remark on the fact he was missing multiple digits of fingers (that 12 year old me didn’t even notice) all related to some animal related event. Was this also, in addition to animal education, a Scared Straight about animals too? I have so many questions in retrospect.

The topic of Marcel the monkey from Friends came up (this was 2002, Friends was still on the air).  The wrangler’s eyes lit up. He then told one of the most graphic animals attacks I have ever heard in my life about how a toothless (!) monkey nearly killed somebody he knew who tried to domesticate a monkey.

The lesson here is to co-sign what the movie NOPE presents:
It’s a really bad idea to mess with monkeys or chimps.

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