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  • Tetsuo II: Body Hammer

    Tetsuo II: Body Hammer


    Tetsuo II is a really interesting film, but not entirely a successful one. In a way, it owes to Aliens, Terminator 2, or even Evil Dead 2 in that it takes a sparser, scarier original and makes more of an action sequel with a higher budget. The trademark Tsukamoto kinetic cinematography is still here in droves, and there’s so many handheld shots and awkward slanted angles, that a really unnerving disorientation is present throughout. 

    But, I just didn’t like it…

  • Deadbeat at Dawn

    Deadbeat at Dawn


    I really wanted to love this movie. I’d heard that it was Combat Shock (a film I loved and never want to watch again) and Death Wish, with a bit of Riki-Oh mixed in. 

    I can see the comparisons, but it just didn’t work for me, and it bums me out. I applaud how much was done with such a little budget, and the final 15 minutes is batshit insane in the best way that only 42nd Street schlock can…

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  • Kwaidan



    This movie has style for days and plot for minutes. An absolutely stunning visual treat slightly let down by the glacial pace and the perfunctory third story (Hoichi the Earless) that could’ve been 30 minutes shorter. 

    Still, the mood and atmosphere that Kobayashi creates is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and it’s worth watching solely for that.

  • The Dead Don't Die

    The Dead Don't Die


    I hated this movie. Like really, unconditionally, passionately hated. And I usually like Jarmusch a lot.

    Nothing in this film worked. The humor was forced and the jokes were so deadpan that nearly every line fell with a flat thud that you could hear as no one reacted in the theater. There was hardly a narrative or a point to this movie. Okay, so zombies are a symbol of our worst selfish desires. Great. George Romero said the same thing…