Call Me by Your Name

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This review may contain spoilers.

"PERLMAN: Intelligent? He was more than intelligent. What you two had had everything and nothing to do with intelligence. He was good, and you were both lucky to have found each other, because you too are good.
ELIO: I think he was better than me.
PERLMAN: I’m sure he’d say the same thing about you, which flatters the two of you. When you least expect it, Nature has cunning ways of finding our weakest spot. Just remember: I am here. Right now you may not want to feel anything. Perhaps you never wished to feel anything. And perhaps it’s not to me that you’ll want to speak about these things. But feel something you obviously did.

That monologue made the movie for me, and I hope Stuhlbarg finally wins his Oscar for it. Everyone in this movie is fantastic, but to me he was the standout.

I can't believe I saw a movie in 2017 that uses real rain instead of the fake thick Hollywood rain. This feels so real.

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