I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★½

"Everyone has their own truth. And life just does whatever the fuck it wants."

How do you go from writing bad rom-coms to writing and producing an Oscar-contending dark comedy? Battle of the Sexes who? This is an exceptional film. This was shot in 31 days with a tight belt ($11M budget) and a practically unknown crew with the exception of Robbie and Gillespie. How is this so good?

This is not your typical Oscar-baity biopic. Fuck, they didn't even know if they would secure distribution this year, much less get awards attention... This movie was made from scratch by very driven people who believed in it and who did everything to maintain complete creative control over the end product, and it payed off magnificently. This is The Big Short of this year, in both style and quality. It recounts the story of Tonya Harding from the point of view of unreliable narrators, mockumentary style, and it obliterates the fourth wall.

The use of music is remarkable, and it seamlessly blends a pop soundtrack with a refreshing score. They really lucked out with the music supervisor and the composer.

The script's humor is razor-sharp. Maintaining scale, it does what Three Billboards was trying to do (albeit not as dark), and it actually achieves it better, without the messy tonal swings. And yes, I am saying that Steven Rogers, the same guy who wrote P.S. I Love You, is in the same playing field with Martin McDonagh. Gillespie is also amazing. WATCH IT!

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